Project 04 – Flying Australian Strings

Project 4 - Australian Strings



Without a shadow of doubt the australian strings are the most dramatic (and exhausting) way of piping a cake, that I have tried so far. Working with royal icing is demanding, especially in this technique, that you are piping each string, depending on the gravity, bag pressure and patience, TONS of patience, because they tend to break, the bridges tend to break… you accidentally touch them… and they tend to break.

Despite all that, because the strings really come out of the cake (yes, they are flying!!!), the 3D is not only a sensation, but a fact! And it is totally rewarding! All the hard work pays off.

It is still a “work in progress”, but is already running for one of my favorites.

Tip: a tilting turntable is really interesting for this kind of piping. If you don’t have one, don’t worry! Just put one cloth under your regular turntable to tilt it.


Let me know what you think about it!

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