Portuguese Tiles and Cakes

Hi, mates!

On this page I’m going to share with you some of my latest cake, cake pops and cupcake designs, and also some tips on cake decorating. I hope you like it!

But first, I’m going to tell a bit more about myself and why I chose Portuguese Tile to my display.

My name is Leticia and I’m a brazilian publisher with a passion for cakes. I had my undergrad on Publishing and masters degree on Fine Arts, both on the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Despite my background in arts and editing, I never considered myself a skillful person. “Art projects, only with Adobe platform”, as I would say.

But everything started to change when I decided to embrace my passion for cakes and cake decorating. I first started baking cupcakes, back in Brazil. My main goal was to develop some manual skills, entertain my friends and family with some great treats and enjoy myself. Didn’t took long before people began to ask me about catering and I stepped into business.

Everything REALLY changed, though, when I decided to marry this awesome man. We got married in July of 2014 and soon after that I moved to the US. Since we got here, I resumed my baking activities and decided to take them to the next level by taking classes and practicing a lot, having found among friends, my best tasting subjects.

After receiving some positive feedback, I decided to share some of my flavors with the community, offering my services as a cake, cake pop and cupcake designer-baker.¬†I’d love to share some special moments with you all, by giving a sweet touch to the party.

See you soon!


Oh! About the portuguese tile on the header… To test the technique of painted fondant, I have challenged myself to paint some tiles, really common in Brazil (because of our colonization history). The one in the header is one of my paintings, and it was inspired by my college walls. Below I present the original picture of the tiles and their edible-fondant-painted version.

Original Tile - Painted Tile in Fondant

Email Problems, Fixed (I hope)

I have recently discovered that my email forwarding system wasn’t working properly and for the past weeks I haven’t been receiving anyone’s contact. ūüė¶

If you have sent me an email and I had not replied, I¬†apologize. I’m not ignoring you, just the opposite! Every email I receive, is an excuse to become even happier (and do a silly dance). \o/ ~o~ \o/

The normal response time is really quick (one day delay, tops, if I get caught on a difficult cake).

I hope to have fixed this problem and, just to make sure, I’m also leaving my gmail (go2cakes@gmail.com) contact in the info section, on the right.

Again, I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you write to me again anytime soon. I’d love to chat, share ideas (maybe give you some tips on the recipes ūüėČ ) and make a cake for you!


Cake Decorator/Publisher

*a bit upset with the email system*

*hoping to have fixed everything*

‚ĚÄ Liebster Award Nominations ‚ĚÄ

I’ve being planning to make this post for a while, but (happily) work is not giving any time off! *Uff* Nevertheless, time has finally come!

I was completaly thrilled to know that I was nominated for a new blogs/small blogs Award. The Liebster Award!


The Liebster Award is an online award only, and is here to make new small blogs biggerby crossing its audience with other blogs’. It is also very practical, because one is awarded only by being simply nominated to it! You are nominated to the Liebster if a blog who has also been nominated thinks you are a good blog to follow and should have your word spread all over.

Since it’s online, you can imagine its rules have changed through time, but they remain basically these:

If you receive a Liebster Award (and choose to accept it ‚Äď which is only going to make your blog some good) you should:
1. Make a celebratory post (such as this you are reading) with the Liebster bagde and these rules on it
2. On this post thank and link the lovely blog who nominated you and recommend it because you probably think they are worth it! (why would you ever not do that?!). Also follow the blog (but you probably already do)
3. Answer the questions your nominator listed on your nomination post
4. Choose 5 or 11 or 20 other new blogs (up to ~300 followers) to nominate for the Liebster and let them know about it by commenting one of their posts
5. Propose them a list of 11 questions they should answer on their response celebratory post

Also, why not checking out the other nominated blogs? you you probably like them too! It‚Äôs a nice way to keep discovering new blogs and bloggers who really deserve our attention ‚̧

I feel like the most blessed person right now because I was nominated by two sweethearts. First I was nominated by a fierce, brave and awesome *VIKING*, La√≠s, from The Diabetic Viking. Later, the dearest¬†naammekyarakhahai¬†also named me. Both of their blogs are great in totally different areas, while my unstoppable viking friend talks more about her experiences on Scandinavian lands, my talented positive friend shows her art and crafts works (nail art, quilling earings…)

I’m going to anwer both of their questions here =)

The Diabetic Viking

1. If you could give one piece of advice to other new bloggers, what would it be?

Don’t give up! It might be a bit frustrating on the begining, but as long as you don’t give up, everything will work out.

2. Why does having a blog make a difference for you?

I am trying to display my work and a blog is a great venue to do so.

3. What kind of blogs do you visit the most?

Mostly food blogs, but also crafts and motivational.

4. Which do you believe is your best post so far?

The Cheesecake Recipe!

5. Should you own birthday cake be store bought or made by yourself?

Made by myself! And a challenge!

6. If you could recommend one single book right now, what would it be?

Probably Cooking for Geeks, which I am currently reading and it is really interesting!

7. If you could write a book, what would its title be?

I think I would name it Not about me.

8. How much of the food you eat is NOT store-bought?

I homemake most of the meals… I have to buy the ingredients, of course, but I don’t buy frozen food or pre-made food.

9. Do you ever try to be less harmful to the environment?

Yes! I am always trying to repurpose things! =)

10. Does food you have with someone you love taste better than food you love had alone?

For sure! Even things that I don’t usually like.

11. If you could prepare one single dish for your loved one, what would it be?

A cake ūüėČ


1. What are you afraid of?

I am afraid of dogs. Childhood trauma. But only for the first minutes… then I relax.

2. How many languages do you speak?

Does sign language counts? ūüėČ I speak 4¬†languages. If we are including sign language, I speak 6 (ASL and LIBRAS).

3. Which was the best post that you have written. Please share link.

The Cheesecake Recipe!

4. List 3 of your favourite online shopping websites.

Amazon, AliExpress and Michaels

5. Which is your favourite summer drink?

Strawberry Lemonade

6. Which is the favourite blog that you follow?

A Brazilian entretainment blog called Jovem Nerd.

7. Do you believe in astrology?

Not really, but I am not against or anything.

8. Any advice for new bloggers?

Don’t give up! As long as you are blogging, and sharing your experiences you will be fine!

9. Do you have any 2015 blog related goals?

I want to be able to post 3 posts a week, consistantly.

10. What is #1 on your bucket list?

To work full time on my passion, cake decorating.

11. Tell me about one person who always makes you smile.

My husband… ¬†‚̧ԳŹ

My nominees are:

@ Priyankamoraes
@ Confessions of a Lit Addict
@ Inte Fan Gör Det Det
@ In Between Moderation
@ Cats at The Bar
@ Bitter Sweet Blog
@ Movie Joltz
@ A Northeast Ohio Garden
@ I Need a Feed!
@ Le Zoe Musings
@ The Hungry Mum

I also want to nominate: @The Diabetic Viking and @BEPOSITIVEYAROON

And my questions to them are:
1. Which is your favorite book?
2. What was the most crazy thing you have done?
3. Do you have pets?
4. What is your favorite post?
5. Which is your most popular post?
6. Tell me a memorable moment.
7. Do you have any food remarkable memory?
8. Which is your favorite movie?
9. Do you have any memorable experience as a blogger?
10. What is your favorite dish?
11. If you could change something (in you, the world, your life) what would it be?

Thank you so much for remembering and considering me for this honor! =) I really enjoyed knowing you more and let others know me by answering these questions.