Tiny Poinsettia Pop


Christmas time may be over, but these beauties can’t go with it!

The original idea came from The Cake Blog, as a holidays gift for coworkers and friends, but I think it is also a great idea for spring/garden parties since you can make virtually any pot flower to go on top (violets and succulents fighting for the second place on my “cutter list”).

The most difficult part is getting the mini flower pot mold. But nothing prevents you to use any other chocolate mold or, if you want to make a larger pot, a mini cupcake tray.  (There is also a regular flower pot cupcake tray, but it is quite big…)


  • About 1 in (2cm) large;
  • Chocolate cake (to make the dirt is just easier);
  • Royal icing flower and leaves.

Penny for comparison

Halloween Pumpkin Cake

Hi guys!!

It is nice to be back after such a long time. And to celebrate this return (and to open the Halloween season… ;)) how about a Pumpkin Cake project!?


  • 6in to 8in
  • Spice carrot cake with dark chocolate ganache

I had so much fun with this sculpted cake. What do you guys think of it? Let me know.