Happy Father’s Day!

One of the many things that the US differs from Brazill is the celebration date of Father’s Day. Down there people celebrate their Dads on the second sunday of August.

Even though is a bit soon for my countrymen, it is never too late to say Happy Father’s Day to all the american dads around!

Congratulations to you all!


Time for Pudim!

I present you the Brazilian favorite of all times, the pudim of condensed milk (or some kind of Condensed Milk Flan)!

This dessert is one of my particular favorites. I don’t know if is the sweetness of the condensed milk or the caramel the flows all over it, but it is a sensational treat able to calm the most reluctant beasts. 🙂

The best part is the fact that despite of being a sweet treat, it is light, creamy and it shall be served cold(!), making them the perfect to finish to that amazing barbecue on the porch.

It is possible to add other flavors (fruit or chocolate) to it as well without the risk of ruining it, but the simple and traditional way is definitely my Achilles heel.


Happily Ever Afters

If you have a sweet tooth, these beauties are definitely for you.

A tradition in Brazil, borrowed from Portugal, the “bem casados” (happily marrieds, or, for me, happily ever afters) are a gift the newly weds give to their beloved guests for having attended the ceremony.

Despite the variations that are popping up (brownies and gingerbread based; with chocolate, lime, pistachio and pecan fillings) they normally consist of two small circle of sponge cake attached by a decadent dulce de leche filling and coated with sugar. They are fluffy, moist, sweet (have I mentioned sweet? I think I need to emphasize it… ;)) and a party in your mouth. I could risk saying they are the macaroons of cakes, but without all the crumbling.

I’ll be posting some recipes soon and this is one that you should surely try.

Happily Ever Afters

Portuguese Tiles and Cakes

Hi, mates!

On this page I’m going to share with you some of my latest cake, cake pops and cupcake designs, and also some tips on cake decorating. I hope you like it!

But first, I’m going to tell a bit more about myself and why I chose Portuguese Tile to my display.

My name is Leticia and I’m a brazilian publisher with a passion for cakes. I had my undergrad on Publishing and masters degree on Fine Arts, both on the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Despite my background in arts and editing, I never considered myself a skillful person. “Art projects, only with Adobe platform”, as I would say.

But everything started to change when I decided to embrace my passion for cakes and cake decorating. I first started baking cupcakes, back in Brazil. My main goal was to develop some manual skills, entertain my friends and family with some great treats and enjoy myself. Didn’t took long before people began to ask me about catering and I stepped into business.

Everything REALLY changed, though, when I decided to marry this awesome man. We got married in July of 2014 and soon after that I moved to the US. Since we got here, I resumed my baking activities and decided to take them to the next level by taking classes and practicing a lot, having found among friends, my best tasting subjects.

After receiving some positive feedback, I decided to share some of my flavors with the community, offering my services as a cake, cake pop and cupcake designer-baker. I’d love to share some special moments with you all, by giving a sweet touch to the party.

See you soon!


Oh! About the portuguese tile on the header… To test the technique of painted fondant, I have challenged myself to paint some tiles, really common in Brazil (because of our colonization history). The one in the header is one of my paintings, and it was inspired by my college walls. Below I present the original picture of the tiles and their edible-fondant-painted version.

Original Tile - Painted Tile in Fondant