Project 11 – Anniversary Cake

This month me and my significant other celebrate our first wedding anniversary and the date could not pass without a cake!

As you can see, the amount of flowers will be challenging, but, well, it is a special occasion! On the next days I’ll be posting my progress.


  • 2 tiers (6 in and 8 in)
  • Flowers:
    • Orchids (white/yellow/dark red)
    • Wild roses (white/yellow)
    • Country flowers (white/yellow)
    • Leaves (light green/pearl dust)
  • Cake topper: quilling silhouette
  • Quilt pattern
  • Sugar Pearls



Project 09 – Flowers (yet again)

Yet again I am surrounded by sugar flowers. Today a selection of wild rose (garden rose), daisy and a perennial tulip (a kind of hybrid tulip that has some frills).

I confess being in love with sugar flower making, but soon I’ll come up with new projects and, of course, new cakes!