4th of July!


Last year was the map, this year is the eagle.

Let the eagle soar!

Happy 4th of July to y’all.


Be like Stuart

This is Stuart.

Stuart is made of sugar.

Be like Stuart, be sweet!

Since Bill is a worldwide sensation, I thought Stuart could join him!

This is my first try on figurines and I’m really happy with the result. Stuart is a new achievement and brand new possibilities. You will see more from his familly soon. Stay tuned ūüėČ





I present to you the “mosake” (mosaic cake)!

Me and my better-half celebrate our birthdays on the first days of January and, of course, the dates could not go without a cake.

The original idea was to make a simple cake with a mosaic band in the middle, but it felt wrong. Well not wrong… but little. As I was assembling, it was just too cute to be only a band and I went for the whole thing.

The succulents were a personal challenge. I have been thinking about succulents for a while, since they are everywhere in the (use-to-be-dry-not-anymore…) California, and this was a great match! The colors complement well and they look well placed.


  • 6 x 8 in (it was quite tall);
  • Orange and chocolate cake;
  • White chocolate ganache filling;
  • Gumpaste succulents and cords.

Special thanks to Valerie Pradhan, from the Wilton Method, from who I learnt the technique to make this beauty possible.

Halloween Pumpkin Cake

Hi guys!!

It is nice to be back after such a long time. And to celebrate this return (and to open the Halloween season… ;)) how about a Pumpkin Cake¬†project!?


  • 6in to 8in
  • Spice carrot cake with dark chocolate ganache

I had so much fun with this sculpted cake. What do you guys think of it? Let me know.