I present to you the “mosake” (mosaic cake)!

Me and my better-half celebrate our birthdays on the first days of January and, of course, the dates could not go without a cake.

The original idea was to make a simple cake with a mosaic band in the middle, but it felt wrong. Well not wrong… but little. As I was assembling, it was just too cute to be only a band and I went for the whole thing.

The succulents were a personal challenge. I have been thinking about succulents for a while, since they are everywhere in the (use-to-be-dry-not-anymore…) California, and this was a great match! The colors complement well and they look well placed.


  • 6 x 8 in (it was quite tall);
  • Orange and chocolate cake;
  • White chocolate ganache filling;
  • Gumpaste succulents and cords.

Special thanks to Valerie Pradhan, from the Wilton Method, from who I learnt the technique to make this beauty possible.

Halloween Pumpkin Cake

Hi guys!!

It is nice to be back after such a long time. And to celebrate this return (and to open the Halloween season… ;)) how about a Pumpkin Cake project!?


  • 6in to 8in
  • Spice carrot cake with dark chocolate ganache

I had so much fun with this sculpted cake. What do you guys think of it? Let me know.