Painted Pattern Cake

It’s all about colors!

A few days ago I have started my wafer flower experiments craving for some color. Today, I present you the pattern painted wafer cake!
Again, the flowers are quick to make, technique and some patience and everything will come together quite rapidly, the painting on the other hand…
The thing that I like most about it, though, is the depth sensation obtained with the color overlay on each roll.
Quite proud with the result!


  • Wafer roled roses and wafer opened (dust painted) rose
  • 8 in cake
  • Edible painting
  • Stencil pattern

Black & White Cake

And finally the wafer flower found its home! The black and white cake was a great success.
We plan to make some other experiments with wafer paper soon. Maybe put some more color in the world 😉


  • Yellow cake with buttercream filling
  • Royal icing swirls
  • Wafer paper flower
  • 6 x 4,5 in (served well 10 people with a reasonable slice)


Project 03. Adventures with Wafer Flowers

Project 3 - Wafer Paper

Hey guys!

This project should have being uploaded last friday, but I got bit caught up with work… Anyway, I present you the gorgeous Wafer Flower. An edible (but not really tasty, I must say) paper flower. Making them is really easy and quick, just requires a lot of attention and patience. A good (low calories) option for a feminin and delicate cake (that will soon be uploaded). Hope you like it 😉

Project 3 - Wafer Paper2