Project 10 – Quilling Topper – Letter B

Project 10 - Quilling Toppers


To make up for my absence the past days/week, I’ll try to catch up with the posts this week 😉 by  displaying some new designs and opening my recipe section – where I plan to post something new once a month.

Today, I present to you a quilling cake topper. Not only it is completely edible (all made with gum paste, no wires) but it also looks pretty good on a B-day  cake.

3 thoughts on “Project 10 – Quilling Topper – Letter B

    • Thank you so much!
      I used gum paste. Since it dries harder, it is surely the best option for this kind of project.
      The whole letter took me approx. 2 hours total. Among working the dough, opening it, cutting the stripes, quilling and assembling. I let it dry for 24h before trying to make it stand up. So if you are thinking about making one for a party, it’s important to make it at least with one day in advance. If you do make them, post some pictures! 😉


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