Art Nouveau Cake – The Piped Peacock

Hey you!

Putting to practice some piping techniques…
After sketching some mandalas, drop lines and flowers, I decided to do a peacock. In order the make the experiment even more interesting though, I have spiced it up a bit with an art nouveau influence.

I’m glad with the overall result. Really stands out, especially from a distance.
Just as a reference, I’m also putting the “before and after” of this majestic creature.

Art Nouveau 4



  • 8 in cake
  • Royal icing piping
  • Blue, golden and copper pearl dust

Tip of the month: if you are beginning your piping practice, don’t start with a dark color! If you make a mistake with an white icing you can just scrape it out and start over. Darker colors can be challenging.


Let me know what you think about it!

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